Stage 2: Master Colour Program

Jenny has returned from the second stage of her Wella Master Colour Program. The second stage focussed on theory, particularly the biology of how the eye sees colour and the science of what light is and how the human eye perceives it.

This stage of the program also saw guest artists being brought in from Russell Eaton, a prestigious salon located in Leeds. The artists discussed the day to day running of their salon as well as an overview of their celebrity clientele. The team demonstrated a number of interesting techniques such as marbling when applying colour and useful tips to use when refreshing Ombre which Jenny is looking forward to introducing into her own work at the salon.

When participating in the practical session, Jenny worked on two models. The first of which was a bleach application and toner and the second focussing on white hair coverage and colour placement. The importance of an in-depth consultation was also revisited, this time looking particularly at skin tone and how to accurately analyse a client’s skin tone.

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