Gettting the best from your hairdresser

Perfecting your style can sometimes be a tricky task, so to make our job a little easier here are a few helpful hints on getting the best from your stylist, every time.

A picture speaks a thousand words
When considering a new hairstyle, putting together a mood board of pictures you like can really help us get a good idea of what you want. If you haven’t got any pictures we’ve got plenty of hair magazines here, and even an iPad you can use. Consider the models face shape and hair texture and compare it to your own to ensure you get the most accurate result as possible.

Time waits for no man
A good stylist is usually a busy stylist so leaving plenty of time to get to your appointment will mean that they get to spend every valuable minute concentrating on you. Bear in mind parking is a bit tricky in Cardiff. Turning your mobile off when you arrive is a good idea too.

Forewarned is forearmed
When booking your appointment, be as descriptive as possible. If your hair is particularly long or thick, let us know so we can book extra time.

Ship-shape and Bristol fashion
While you’re having your hair done, sit straight in your chair (without arms or legs crossed) as this will maximise your natural balance and help your stylist achieve balance in your style.

Professional Finish
Finally our salon professional products are far superior to supermarket versions. You can be sure that the products we recommend are the right ones for your hair type… Contact us today for a consultation.

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